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GIGS Inaugural Summer Symposium 2022

Green Energy, Blue Economy, Global Supply Chain, and Sustainability

In association with H2Ghub, GIGS organized on Saturday July 30, 2022, at The Mirage Resort & Spa Hammamet, Tunisia from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. a public round table on green economy, blue economy, global supply change, and sustainability. We were delighted to have an excellent lineup of eminent panelists. By sharing their valuable working experience, our panelists provided their unique insights into current issues in green energy, blue economy, global supply change and sustainability, and how to help emerging economies and organizations from both the public and private sectors  achieve environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability.
9:00 to 9:10          Welcome from Samir Trabelsi and Imed Derouich, Coordinators of 2022 GIGS Public Round Table

9:10 to 9:40         Keynote Address  - Institutions and sustainable growth 
                                 Keynote Speaker : Ferid Belhaj, Vice President for Middle East and North Africa, The World Bank (English)
                                 Moderator: Khaled Guesmi, IPAG Business School


9:40 to 11:15       Panel I - ESG, Monetary Policy, and Public Policies
                                 Moderator: Ines Chaieb, Professor of Finance, University of Geneva (English)

                                 Mohamed Ali Elaouani Cherif,  Expert Comptable, OECT (English)
                                 Aslan Berjeb,  Member of the Executive Board, Conect (English) 
                                  Kamel Braham,  World Bank Program Leader, The World Bank (English)



11:30 to 12:45        Panel II – Future of Global Supply Chain, Green Energy, Blue Energy, and sustainability
Moderator:  Samir Trabelsi, Professor of Accounting & Governance, Brock University (English)
Speakers:    Imed Derouich, Chairman, H2GHUB (English)
                        Adel Guitouni,  Professor of Management Science, Victoria  University (English)
                        Karem Belkhiria, CEO, Westpoint Tunisia and Vice-President of UTICA Chamber on Solar Energy (French)

12:45 to 14:00        Lunch  & Best Paper Awards & GIGS Scholarships Announcements
14:00 to 14:45         Keynote Address  -  The Role of the State and its Institutions for Success of Peaceful “Revolutions”                                        Keynote Speaker: Remy Trudel, Professor of Administration & Former-Minister, ENAP Québec (French)
Moderator:  Salma Hichri, Professor of Economics, University of Tunis (French)

14:45 to 16:00        Panel III - Governance and Sustainability - The case of the IMF
Moderator: Faycal Derbel, CEO, FINOR (French)
Speakers: Sadok Rouai, Former Senior Advisor to Executive Director - IMF Executive Board (French)
                      Ezzeddine Saidane, Founder and General Manager, Directway Consulting (English)

16:00 to 17:00        Keynote Address – ESG, Gender Diversity, and Value Creation  
Speaker: Deborah Rosatti, Founder & CEO, Women Get On Board Inc. (English)
Moderator: Imen Latrous, University of Quebec of Chicoutimi (English)

 17:00 to 19:00       Closing Remarks by Samir Trabelsi (Chair) and Fares Belkhiria (Vice-President Marketing of GIGS)

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