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Our Working Groups

  • WG1: Usefulness of ESG disclosures and ESG ratings to investors

  • WG2: ESG, public policies, and monetary policies

  • WG3: Governance, sustainability, and the tragedy of the commons

  • WG4: Stakeholder-oriented institutions, greenwashing, and social washing

  • WG5: Competition in ESG standard setting work and ESG practices quality

  • WG6: Next-Generation Strategies for Sustainability: Disruptive Technology and Innovation

  • WG7: ESG in not-for-profit organisations

  • WG8: Green economy/blue economy, governance, and sustainability

  • WG9: Healthcare and SDGs Governance

  • WG10: Supply Chain Governance & Sustainability

  • WG11: Sport and SDGs

Membership of the working groups (TBA). To join a working groups, please email us at 

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